Time needed to dist-upgrade Fedora

Every couple of months I upgrade my main home computer to the latest Fedora. As this process is not instantaneous, this means some time without internet, wifi, smart home controls etc. This time I decided to measure how long it takes exactly.

Hardware is mid-range home server: Core i5 CPU, 16GiB of RAM, storage is 2x HDD in btrfs raid1, over LUKS, bcached on NVMe drive.

I've used dnf system-upgrade to download packages, then I rebooted and started counting time.

Wallclock Time since start Time Δ Phase
System booted. This will take a while displayed.
11:06 16m +16m Upgrade started. 5294 steps to finish.
11:23 33m +17m First thousand steps done.
11:41 51m +18m Second thousand steps done.
11:59 1h09m +18m Third thousand steps done.
12:11 1h21m +12m Fourth thousand steps done.
12:26 1h36m +15m Fifth thousand steps done.
12:29 1h39m +3m 5294 steps done. Running scriptlets begin.
12:31 1h41m +2m Scriptlets done. Verification begin.
12:36 1h46m +5m Verification done. No messages for few minutes.
12:42 1h52m +6m Upgrade done, rebooting.

Basically, full distribution upgrade from Fedora 30 to 31 takes about 2 hours. This is with bcache mode set to writeback. With safer writethrough, upgrade takes couple more hours, but I don't have specific number.


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