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Oh, two most visible <span class="proflinkWrapper"><span class="proflinkPrefi...

- 2013-11-26T15:38:55+0000 - Updated: 2013-11-26T15:39:22+0000
Oh, two most visible +btrfs hackers, +Josef Bacik and +Chris Mason, are moving from +Fusion-io to… Facebook.
Interesting move!
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Reshared by: btrfs
- 2013-11-26T15:51:23+0000
so fb > fusionio > redhat
- 2013-11-26T16:23:04+0000
You mean...

                 --> FusionIO -> Facebook -> Red Hat
Red Hat
- 2013-11-26T17:31:01+0000
I meant wages at fb being greater than at fusionIO etc. But I forgot Oracle, indeed.
- 2013-11-26T17:41:17+0000
I somehow doubt that Red Hat will top their current  wages ( which probably is sky high ) so I dont think they will end up with RH
- 2013-11-26T18:04:57+0000
Josef was at RH before F-IO
- 2013-11-26T18:53:17+0000
I know I pinged him when he left RH if he was going to leave Fedora ( which happens with RH employees)


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