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Shared with: Public, Tomasz Torcz
- 2012-05-29T15:42:31+0000
What are you doin' in Turkey?
- 2012-05-29T17:05:13+0000
What about revoking already opened devices?
- 2012-05-29T18:41:16+0000
Piotr, vacationing :-)

Trasz, you are very good with uncomfortable question. Truth is, frevoke() syscalls is in the making for quite a long time, now. Behaviour shown in movie depends on cooperating services - xorg, audio server (pulseaudio) - for the time being.
- 2012-05-29T18:45:01+0000
+Tomasz Torcz But there must be a way to revoke a file descriptor? I believe it's neccessary even for standard ttys - to revoke the tty for background process when the user logs out.

Also - applications must be able to handle revocation and reopen the device when it's needed. Think about switching to another user (revoke) and then switching back.


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