Linux Kernel 2.6.14

2.6.14 (2005.10.27)

Ok, it's finally there. 2.6.14 was delayed twice due to some last-minute bug-reports, some of which ended up being false alarms (hey, I should be happy, but it was a bit frustrating) But hey, the delays - even when perhaps unnecessary - got us to look at the code and fix some other bugs instead. So it's all good. So special thanks go to Oleg Nesterov and Roland McGrath for doing some code inspection and fixing and just making the otherwise frustrating wait for bug resolution more productive ;^p. Let's try the 2-week merge window thing again, I think it worked pretty well despite the delays, and hopefully it will work even better this time around. The actual changes from 2.6.14-rc5 are a number of mostly one-liners, with the ShortLog appended (full log from 2.6.13 on the normal sites together with the release itself). The only slightly bigger ones (ie more than a handful of lines) is a kernel parameter doc update, and the PIIX4 PCI quirk printouts, and the cleanups/fixes for the posix cpu timers. (In fact, according to diffstat, about half the diff is that one documentation update, and most of that is whitespace cleanups) Linus

2.6.14-rc5 (2005.10.20)

Yeah, I know I said -rc4 was going to be the last one, but as some of you may have noticed from the discussions, a day before I was planning on releasing 2.6.14 we found a couple of bugs (nasty RCU callback delays, swiotlb, etc). The fixes for those weren't all that complicated, but the problems were subtle enough that I wanted to get them fixed and have another -rc before final release. So here it is. There's a number of other small random fixes in there too. Linus

2.6.14-rc4 (2005.10.10)

Here's the final -rc before a 2.6.14 release. In the diffstat, most of the changes are one-liners, with the main exceptions being some sparc64 work (fix user-space corruption due to FP save/restore) and the new Megaraid SAS driver. There's some networking fixes, and a couple of driver updates (scsi: aacraid, net: cassini, and watchdog: pcwd_pci). Along with a x86-64 suspend/resume page table corruption and some new defconfig files for ARM, that rounds out the bigger chunks. The shortlog (appended) should be a pretty good idea of the rest. Linus

2.6.14-rc3 (2005.09.30)

Ok, this may or may not be the last -rc before 2.6.14, but the point is that we're getting closer. The diffstat (not included here) tells the story: most of the changes are just a couple of lines, with a few outliers: a new "cassini" network driver, the mpt sas driver, some ip-conntrac work, and net/llc cleanups. Oh, and sparc updates and some ppc tlb and smu work. I think the shortlog is actually pretty descriptive, so without further ado, here it is. Linus

2.6.14-rc2 (2005.09.19)

Ahoy landlubbers! Here be t' Linux-2.6.14-rc2 release. Not a whole lot o' excitement, ye scurvy dogs, but it has t' ALSA, LSM, audit and watchdog merges that be missed from -rc1, and a merge series with Andrew. But on t' whole pretty reasonable - you can see t' details in the shortlog (appended). Arrr! Linus

2.6.14.rc-1 (2005.09.12)

Ok, it's been two weeks (actually, two weeks and one day) since 2.6.13, and that means that the merge window is closed. I've released a 2.6.14-rc1, and we're now all supposed to help just clean up and fix everything, and aim for a really solid 2.6.14 release. Both the diffstat and the shortlog are so big that I can't post them on the kernel mailing list without getting the email killed by the size restrictions, so there's not a lot to say. alpha, arm, x86, x86-64, ppc, ia64, mips, sparc, um.. Pretty much every architecture got some updates. And an absolutely _huge_ ACPI diff, largely because of some re-indentation. drm, watchdog, hwmon, i2c, infiniband, input layer, md, dvb, v4l, network, pci, pcmcia, scsi, usb and sound driver updates. People may appreciate that the most common wireless network drivers got merged - centrino support is now in the standard kernel. On the filesystem level, FUSE got merged, and ntfs and xfs got updated. In the core VFS layer, the "struct files" thing is now handled with RCU and has less expensive locking. And networking changes. In other words, a lot of stuff all over the place. Be nice now, and follow the rules: put away the new toys, and instead work on making sure the stuff that got merged is all solid. Ok? Anybody with git can do the shortlog with git-rev-list --no-merges --pretty=short v2.6.14-rc1 ^v2.6.13 | git-shortlog | less -S which is actually pretty informative. Linus



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