Migrated home server to the UEFI boot

I've migrated my home server to boot using UEFI. It means suprising number of things:

  • I did something useful during my unplanned PTO days

  • Fedora's GRUB instructions are useful and precise

  • I was really wrong in my rant couple years ago. Although I had to switch firmware into Windows 8 (no CSM) mode today.

  • the server is ready for modernization later this year, the upgrade of fives: some AMD Ryzen 7xxx (AM5 socket), DDR5, PCIe5. Packed in a SSUPD Meshroom S case. Getting back to the integrated GPU and hopefully lowering power consumption (now it idles at around 90W🙁)

  • I can unsubscribe from BIOS Boot SIG, as this was my last legacy-booting computer. The SIG mailing list is completely empty, apparently all the ruckus with needing BIOS booting within Fedora has no real standing.


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