My first #FlockToFedora

I started August with a trip to Kraków. On Monday I worked with people at my company's remote office. Remaining of the week was for FLOCK, an annual gathering of Fedora users and developers. It was fantastic!

I've met few old friends, made new ones, but most importantly I got to put faces to various nicks and names from Fedora mailling lists, IRC channels, bugzilla and so on. The schedule was packed, with 5 tracks going in parallel and ongoing discussusions in the hallways. I'm waiting for the videos to be uploaded to see everything I've missed.

Additionally – as it happens – agenda was partly in flux during the conference. Big kudos to organisers for providing up-to-date analogue board with all the sessions. It was in central location and was tremendously helpful:


Current schedule - brilliant idea

Of course on-line schedule was being constantly updated, too.

There were many great talks, sessions and workshops (most of which I haven't seen yet ;-), but I was really impressed by “Secure Automated Decryption” by Nathaniel McCallum. Go watch it now. If you are short on time, jump to 16:55 for the really cool stuff. (It's automated LUKS with flexible policies, using Tang and Shamir's Secret Sharing; there's also a short demo video, too):

I also strongly recommend “Progress on Enterprise Fedora Desktop”. Awesomely integrated SSO between GNOME, FreeIPA and various web apps.

Content, organisation, events… everything was top-notch. I was very happy to be a part of FLOCK!

FLOCKers group photo.


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