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Today is one of the favourite days for Fedora Linux package maintainers. On D...

- 2015-12-02T11:48:51+0000 - Updated: 2015-12-02T11:48:51+0000
Today is one of the favourite days for Fedora Linux package maintainers. On December 2nd support ends for Fedora 21. There are 2 such days each year, and each one reduces our workload by 25%.

End of F21's support means that instead of 4 lines, we only have to care about our packages in 3 lines: old stable Fedora 22, stable F23 and development – Rawhide. This happy time will last only two months. On February 2nd, F24 branch will be created and we will have to maintain packages for four Fedora lines, again.

Unfortunately, today is a sad day for our users. All bugreports against F21 will be closed, many without a fix.
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Reshared by: Marcin Trendota
- 2015-12-02T13:05:33+0000
Which components do you maintain and why aren't they on rebase cycle to reduce your workload?
- 2015-12-02T13:20:15+0000
Couple small packages:

I don't understand your comment about ”rebase cycle”. Basically I try to update to newest version for rawhide+branched. If there are important changes, also for stable. I only update oldstable if there's a request (bug) opened by user.

If there is a security issue, I had to bump+push all four branches.
My packages aren't hard to update, with exception of owfs. owfs bumps SONAME with each minor version and has some dependents which need to be rebuilt. Therefore I usually only update owfs before Mass Rebuild.
- 2015-12-02T14:40:42+0000
I was pushing for us to move into this and I dont see why ( most ) other components cant
- 2015-12-02T14:44:37+0000 - Updated: 2015-12-02T14:45:42+0000
Atleast on the core/baseOS level this is necessary for things like "products" to work. ( which became clear when I was part of the serverWG ) I'm just waiting for the "Red Hatters" ( based on my usual two years ahead of rest conclusion scew ) to figure that out but based on where the "products" are going I somehow doubt they ever will since they dont have grasp the fundamentals yet what's needed for multiple products based on the same based, to work.


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