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- 2015-05-26T09:55:13+0000 - Updated: 2015-05-26T09:55:13+0000
Originally shared by Jan WildeboerPaul Krugman be like

"Another possibility is that new technologies are more fun than fundamental. Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal, famously remarked that we wanted flying cars but got 140 characters instead. And he’s not alone in suggesting that information technology that excites the Twittering classes may not be a big deal for the economy as a whole."

I agree. Instead of refining and developing new tech, we are already bored after a few days. Kickstarter & co don't focus on sustainability. It's all about hype and one-offs.

What we really need is a focus on long-term stability. Hence we really need to focus on seemingly boring stuff like standardization. Oh, man, it would be so cool if 90% of the 3D printers out there would use a common specification for the nozzle, so we can get them everywhere and at a cheap price.

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