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Hi Rene Bon Ciric (Renich), this post is not abour Fedora, and thus offtopic ...

- 2015-04-21T05:36:52+0000 - Updated: 2015-04-21T05:36:52+0000
Hi Rene Bon Ciric (Renich), this post is not abour Fedora, and thus offtopic in this forum. Would you mind removing it?
Originally shared by Rene Bon Ćirić (Renich)Hello, dear +Red Hat. I write to you to complain, sadly; in behalf of several members of my GNU & Linux community: +LinuxCabal, A.C.

There is this thing going on called +Reto Red Hat. They have a website at

They have a cool offering: get the trivia right and get free Red Hat certification training and exams. 

I've completed the trivia (which is badly translated to spanish and sucks, btw) and got an email about my Red Hat account; but I haven't got the certification program access yet. Many in my community are the same:!topic/linuxcabal/R-nuUmpSvys

When I tried to contact form, it failed...
Then, I tried twitter and got no answer...

IMHO, this effort is unworthy of Red Hat. The quality is awful. The website appears to be made by a newbie and I can hardly believe the organization of the people in charge.

I, for one, thank the opportunity being offered, but it's not even working as it should and it seems, to me, a wasted effort.

Thank you for any attention paid to this post. 

.:: INICIO ::.

- 2015-04-21T20:58:43+0000
Hello, +Tomasz Torcz. I posted it in the Fedora community because it involves Red Hat and there are a lot of Red Hat people in the Fedora community.

Also, If this site is a SCAM or not, I want people to get notice and be vigilant about it.

Do you still think I should remove it?


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