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I&#39;ve just started <a rel="nofollow" class="ot-hashtag bidi_isolate" href...

- 2014-12-22T21:09:05+0000 - Updated: 2015-01-08T21:08:42+0000
I've just started #tor relay node on my VPS. To support TOR.

BTW, systemd's ProtectSystem=full / ProtectHome = yes / PrivateTmp = yes  came in handy for locking the daemon down.

EDIT: upstream is aware of hardening options:
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- 2015-01-02T10:43:09+0000
I have some concerns about supporting TOR... on one side it is god to have the illusion of being anonymous... on the other there is the danger of organized crime, cyber crime and *crime being anonymous and difficult to track... and on the other side countries developed in a lesser way (and not controlling the internet) could rival with the "behemoths" on the cyber warfare market.


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