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I'm done with RPM Fusion. This repository is needed, but it sucks too muc...

- 2014-12-14T14:48:20+0000 - Updated: 2014-12-14T14:48:20+0000
I'm done with RPM Fusion. This repository is needed, but it sucks too much of my time as a contributor. I do maintain "motion" package, but I will be orphaning it shortly. This is really the result of hundreds of small cuts:

– RPMFusion is still using CVS, Plague and other ”old” infrastructure; after working with git and fedpkg, I waste hours every time I want to upgrade my package. It's not for me.

– no scratch builds. Only local ”mock”.

– whole package upgrade chain is manual. There is no Bodhi, packages are pushed at irregular intervals.

– no notifications. Someone has commited to my package in October, and I had no idea. I didn't even get an email. I got to know because today user filled a bugreport about package being broken.

— there is still no F21 branch in repo and packages.

– non-signed certificates, buildsys uses MD5-self-signed certificate, which causes OpenSSL from F21 to reject it altogether.

On top of that, the ”motion” program is quite dead upstream. This is not good for FFMPEG-consumer; if the program is using ffmpeg, it's generally need to be updated frequently due to API changes.

To be fair, Michael Cronenworth volunteered to help bring RPMFusion infrastructure from the stoneage to today. It may happen in future.

But for now, every update I do in RPMFusion is a source of huge frustration. I won't be punishing myself anymore, goodbye.
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- 2014-12-14T15:01:41+0000
The Irony is that it's a long time since Russian Fedora moved the entire rpmfusion to git and into their own koji instance, the work basically the rpmfusion community needs to do.  Tried to bring those two fraction to talk to each other  but failed...


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