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Today&#39;s phones... Only 2.5 days of normal use on single charge. Meh. <a ...

- 2014-11-12T17:41:30+0000 - Updated: 2014-11-12T19:08:37+0000
Today's phones... Only 2.5 days of normal use on single charge. Meh. #MotoG
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- 2014-11-12T21:52:32+0000
I'd say that's quite a good result for a modern phone. I charge my 3100 mAh battery everyday. ;)
- 2014-11-14T23:53:58+0000
Check cpu-spy. Your phone should be in deep-sleep most the time. Turn off data sync. Change cpu governor. Disable background data. Check what apps are draining the battery and which are sending your data (contacts, mails, contacts) to servers in Asia and US. With such tweaks I can get much more battery life on my n7100 (usually it gets 1.7 days up on a single charge with WiFi,bt,data sync, about 2h of video playback per day and some game play. ..)
- 2014-11-15T05:52:31+0000
I'm aware of that, but why bother? I prefer to just charge it every night. Using smartphone with disabled data/sync doesn't make sense to me. I didn't buy it to keep it in deep sleep. If I needed a long-lasting battery I'd just buy a phone instead of Internet terminal with additional phone functions. ;)


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