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#systemd for rebellious teenagers

- 2014-09-21T11:25:55+0000 - Updated: 2014-09-21T11:25:55+0000
#systemd  for rebellious teenagers.

uselessd :: information system

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- 2014-09-21T13:13:53+0000
"Support for compilation under musl" <-- Wondering if the guy behind this is the one that appeared with bunch patches on the mailinglist
- 2014-09-21T13:49:46+0000
Oh baby jeezuz!
- 2014-09-21T16:09:55+0000
...So they like what systemd actually does as an init system... enough to fork it... but not even try and send patches upstream? 
- 2014-09-21T16:16:32+0000
I think they want to benefit from work done by various upstreams (socket activation, service unit files).
Also not sending patches to systemd upstream is good – no one is interested in patches removing parts of systemd or reimplementing parts of libc.
But TBH, like Jóhann mentioned, there was a couple of patches sent lately, adding musl-library compatibility. The ones that made sense were accepted and included in systemd.
- 2014-09-22T17:49:59+0000
+10 points for the name alone.


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