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Jan, this is not RH I used to know :(

- 2013-09-03T06:15:32+0000 - Updated: 2013-09-03T06:15:32+0000
Jan, this is not RH I used to know :(
Originally shared by Jóhann B. GuðmundssonThose idiots at the hiring apparatus within Red Hat has done it again.  Invented and advertised a position within our Fedora community then planted some individual outside that community in it.

I seriously though they had learned by now heck I even had told people that they were doing things properly these days and those previous days where over but I guess I have to retract all that. <sigh> 

I wonder if this guy has even used Fedora but he does and gets things granted the good old Red Hat way of doing things.

Does not formally introduce himself to the QA community and is auto granted qa admin rights behind the scenes <sigh> but atleast I've seen to it that will be corrected and done properly,in open,in our QA community.

For those that dont know Mike Ruckman is Red Hat's new Fedora QA Community Manager but dont let this Red Hat title fool you, he has absolutely no authority or association to our community what so ever  and the only thing he manages and will manage is Red Hat's own internal Fedora QA staff in other words towards the community he is just another individual participating in it and wont be managing or otherwise deciding anything for it...


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