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- 2013-08-26T16:02:24+0000 - Updated: 2013-08-26T16:16:26+0000
Looks like #GNOME is going to break another workflow. This time middle-click paste is going to be the victim.

We're not really ready for this change [disabling middle click paste], and we haven't messaged it properly. After discussion with +Allan Day  and +Jakub Steiner  we'll defer this change until the next cycle.

gnome-settings-daemon - GNOME Settings Daemon

Shared with: Public, Allan Day, Jakub Steiner
- 2013-08-26T16:44:23+0000
I'm more worried about the original commit. I don't really use middle-paste but seriously, start selection?
- 2013-08-26T18:39:10+0000
They break users workflow like they get paid for it...
- 2013-09-24T17:43:51+0000
Do people still read slashdot these days?


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