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- 2013-08-25T12:53:22+0000 - Updated: 2013-08-25T12:53:22+0000
Originally shared by David HerrmannLast week I wrote up logind patches for device-management. Took me 2 days to get myself comfortable with the code-base and implement it (thanks to the nice src/shared/ systemd helpers, I got it working pretty fast!). Source available on github:

The rest of the week I ran test after test, reworked it, wrote the related kernel patches, reworked it again and didn't even get my first RFC out to the mailing-lists. But at least reworking the API now takes me only a few hours. And I am confident that I can send out an RFC starting next week.

Today, I took some time off and wrote up 3 articles on session-management on linux. Mostly basic non-developer information for users interested in how session-management and session-switching works. But also a rather final high-level overview of my logind patches.

Basics of session management:
How VT switching works:
Sane VT switching via logind:

Sane Session-Switching

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