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The whole retrospective contains this nugget:<br><br><i>We also made a consci...

- 2012-07-31T12:59:12+0000 - Updated: 2012-07-31T14:11:07+0000
The whole retrospective contains this nugget:

We also made a conscious decision to focus on draining the swamp, which meant that instead of trying to work around issues and come up with funky configuration options on the user interface level to deal with missing features and bugs in the underlaying system, we instead have tried working with and contributing to fixing things in the underlaying levels.

And this is how everybody should do it. It takes more time and a bit more effort, but in the end everybody (including original developer) have problem fixed. And platform as whole advances.
Creating workarounds instead of fixing root causes is a dead end.

The Future of GNOME « Christian Schaller

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- 2012-07-31T14:04:37+0000
Try selling that to canonical =)


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