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- 2012-06-27T13:40:51+0000 - Updated: 2012-06-27T13:40:51+0000
Originally shared by Auke KokIt's a little bit hard to explain this without a demo - which I will go and create asap, but here's what we can currently do with systemd user sessions: seamless desktop UI switching.

I've created a virtual appllication@.service that launches applications in a separate unit under the systemd user session, and this in combination with `systemctl --user *isolate*` allows you to swap between and without actually logging out.

Your applications stay running even with kdeinit tearing down and starting other things. Xorg stays running. The dbus session bus stays running.

Neat. I deserve a beer.

For those interested, I'm doing a talk for the PLUG in Portland soon - This will certainly be part of the demonstration.
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