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PrinterKit ;-) CUPS replacement on the horizon.

- 2012-05-10T15:22:23+0000 - Updated: 2012-05-10T15:22:23+0000
PrinterKit ;-) CUPS replacement on the horizon.

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- 2012-05-10T15:34:26+0000
I'd rather see DisplayKit (aka Wayland) become a standard platform. I get along with CUPS just fine and it does much more than push files from spool to local printer.
- 2012-05-10T15:51:53+0000 - Updated: 2012-05-10T15:52:11+0000
Have you ever had a misfortune of debugging CUPS?
And Wayland is coming nicely, don't worry :)
- 2012-05-10T15:54:34+0000
I know it's coming nicely but it seems as if only Fedora had any interest in it.
- 2012-05-10T16:48:19+0000
Well, usually does most of the development. But other show interest in Wayland, for example:


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