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<i>palimpsest</i> (GNOME Disk Utility) creates unaligned partitions. <i>parte...

- 2011-11-15T16:45:39+0000 - Updated: 2011-11-15T16:45:39+0000
palimpsest (GNOME Disk Utility) creates unaligned partitions. parted too. And cfdisk. I had to go to simplest tool - fdisk from util-linux to have partitions aligned without much hassle.
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Reshared by: Mefi Stofeles (GiM)
- 2011-11-15T17:26:12+0000
To this day I use fdisk by default and something else only if fdisk doesn't work for me.
- 2011-11-15T17:51:00+0000
I'm getting old and lazy, I prefer to click such simple things. It stupid that palimpsest let me create partition and moment after show orange warning that partition is unaligned. It should know better.
- 2011-11-15T23:32:51+0000
Hum I thought parted was better at this... ( 0% 100% )


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