Linux Kernel 2.6.15

2.6.15 (2006.01.02)

Ok, very small/few changes in the last week, it seems everybody is off on vacation. All the better. The shortlog/diffstat tell the story: a few one-liners, another ipv6 deadlock fixed, some sysctl and /proc fixes. Have fun, Linus


2.6.15-rc7 (2005.12.24)

Now, most of you are probably going to be totally bored out of your minds on Christmas day, and here's the perfect distraction. Test 2.6.15-rc7. All the stores will be closed, and there's really nothing better to do in between meals. A number of mostly one-liners. The biggest ones are probably some s390 qeth updates and some ipv6 fixes, the rest is just a number of small fixes. The shortlog gives a pretty good picture of what's going on. I suspect the forcedeth fix is the one most likely to affect any reasonable number of people, although the more relaxed usb suspend probably makes a big difference. Please do give it a try, and if you have any issues/regressions, send out a note (even if you sent one earlier) so that we don't forget about it. Thanks, Linus


2.6.15-rc6 (2005.12.19)

Ok, there it is. Slightly delayed by me being away for a week, and now Andrew is gone, but looking at the changes, they all seem to be pretty trivial, so we're on well track for doing the final 2.6.15 this year, I think. People have probably already started over-feeding with the holidays just around the corner. The shortlog really says it all. Apart from some sparse annotations from Al, it's all random small things. But do give it a try, because Santa Claus has his CIA spooks checking y'all out, and naughty people don't get any of the loot. Linus


2.6.15-rc5 (2005.12.03)

There's a rc5 out there now, largely because I'm going to be out of email contact for the next week, and while I wish people were religiously testing all the nightly snapshots, the fact is, you guys don't. So making the current state available as an -rc makes sense, even though not a lot has changed since -rc4. That said, if you didn't test -rc4 _either_ - shame on you, and please do test -rc5. The diffstat says "4562 insertions(+), 4997 deletions(-)" since -rc4, but the bulk of those (by _far_) are the mips defconfig updates (and the removal of the sk98lin-specific hw checksum verifier, which the networking layer is better at anyway). So pretty much all of this is various one-liners etc, many of them in V4L. Shortlog and diffstat appended. Linus


2.6.15-rc4 (2005.11.30)

Ok, so -rc3 wasn't so good. [ Everybody chorus now: "Nooo?" ] No. [ Everybody chorus now: "Really?" ] Really. [ Everybody chorus now: "So what?" ] So I made an -rc4. This one hopefully doesn't have those pesky PageReserved() annoyances, and the EHCI host controller bootup problems. [ Everybody chorus now: "Hallelujah!" ] Indeed. It also has some atm, mtd and cifs updates. Linus [ Btw, some drivers will now complain loudly about their nasty mis-use of page remapping, and that migh look scary, but it should all be good, and we'd love to see the detailed output of dmesg on such machines. ]


2.6.15-rc3 (2005.11.28)

I just pushed 2.6.15-rc3 out there, and here are both the shortlog and diffstats appended. Most notable are some VM fixes from Hugh Dickins (with me then redoing some of it, but the bulk of the work goes to Hugh). That should finally hopefully fix some of the issues some people hit with the PageReserved removal and cleanup by Nick Piggin that was in -rc1. There's also some input updates, cifs fixes, USB EHCI host controller updates, and a number of random stuff. Details in the shortlog below, Linus


2.6.15-rc2 (2005.11.19)

There it is (or will soon be - the tar-ball and patches are still uploading, and mirroring can obviously take some time after that). It's slightly bigger than I'd like, but that's partly because I had (once more) missed a merge that was actually sent in well before the -rc1 cut-off, so the x86-64 merge is from there and was delayed due to yours truly, not Andi Kleen. Apart from the x86-64 merge and various fixups, I've let MIPS, PARISC and PowerPC merge up some more. The shortlog speaks for itself. Linus


2.6.15-rc1 (2005.11.12)

Ok, there it is, go wild. Get the git trees, the tar-balls and the patches (some or all of tghe above may still be mirroring out but should show up shortly). It's hard to go through in any great detail, because even the shortlog is actually almost five thousand lines and about 200kB in size, and would thus run afoul of the mailing list limits so I can't include it here. The same is true of the diffstat, only even more so. The unidiff is about a million lines in size, just the diffstat is 300+kB. The changes are really pretty much all over the place, with over four thousand commits merged in the two weeks since 2.6.14... v4l, dm, networking, NFS, SCSI, sound, drm, agp, cpufreq, input, i2c, jfs, xfs, jffs2, ntfs, cifs, network drivers, infiniband.. You name it. Big architecture changes: the normal flow of arm updates, but also parisc updates and a couple of big MIPS updates. And the powerpc architecture got re-jigged a lot.. The ppc32 and ppc64 trees have largely been merged (to a new generic "powerpc" architecture that can be compiled either 32-bit or 64-bit), and that moved a number of files around. Similarly, the core block-layer got moved to its own subdirectory. Oh, and the inevitable qla firmware updates probably account for over fifty thousand of the diff lines. So those things partly explain how you get a million-line diff without actually necessarily having conceptual changes that big. In fact, a lot of the changes are quite small. There's just a lot of those too.. Those with git access can easily get the shortlog (which is still pretty readable) with git log --no-merges v2.6.14..v2.6.15-rc1 | git-shortlog and it only takes half a second to generate on a fast machine. It's worth it if only because of this entry: Adrian Bunk: I am the new monkey. (among the four-thousand other non-simian ones). Linus
*** **Archived comments:** **Michał Górny** _2006-01-04 16:02:37_

Ja tam używam -rc5-mm3 i jestem bardzo zadowolony.

**portman** _2006-01-04 17:04:56_

tak sie zastanawiam po co kopiowac z jednej strony na druga?

**Adam Kruszewski** _2006-01-05 19:02:51_

Warto wspomnieć o małym braku kompatybilności tego nowego jajka z modułem fglrx. (oops gdzieś podrodze w mm/swap.c ;-))


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