Linux Kernel 2.6.11


2.6.11 (2005.03.02)

Ok, there it is. Only small stuff lately - as promised. Shortlog from -rc5 appended, nothing exciting there, mostly some fixes from various code checkers (like fixed init sections, and some coverity tool finds). So it's now _officially_ all bug-free. Linus

2.6.11-rc5 (2005.02.23)

Hey, I hoped -rc4 was the last one, but we had some laptop resource conflicts, various ppc TLB flush issues, some possible stack overflows in networking and a number of other details warranting a quick -rc5 before the final 2.6.11. This time it's really supposed to be a quickie, so people who can, please check it out, and we'll make the real 2.6.11 asap. Mostly pretty small changes (the largest is a new SATA driver that crept in, our bad). But worth another quick round. Linus

2.6.11-rc4 (2005.02.12)

Hi there everybody, this is hopefully the last -rc kernel before the real 2.6.11, so please give it a whirl, and complain loudly about anything broken. As can be seen from the shortlog, most of the changes are pretty trivial. I think the biggest change is the radeon updates, and some of the NLS codepage things caused big diffs even if the changes themselves are pretty trivial (oh, and moving the ia64 "shubio.h" file accounts for about seven thousand lines of diffs, but no real changes ;) In short: some driver updates, some arm/uml/sparc updates, and various random (mostly) one-liners all over. The most noticeable of the one-liners is hopefully that raid5/6 should work again. Linus

2.6.11-rc3 (2005.02.02)

This has a number of architecture updates (mips, arm, ppc, x86-64, ia64), and updates ACPI, DRI, ALSA, SCSI, XFS and InfiniNand.. And a lot of small one-liners all over. I'd _really_ like to calm down for a final 2.6.11 now, so please note anything really important I missed, but keep the rest pending. And give this a good testing.. Oh, and the automated bitkeeper mirroring to seems slightly broken right now (hasn't updated in the last 48 hours), but the tar-balls are all there, and the BK upating mechanism will hopefully be fixed soon. (I've got a few BK trees in private places, it's only the public one that hasn't gotten mirrored out yet - many other BK developers will know where to find my secondary trees and can pull from them instead). Linus

2.6.11-rc2 (2005.01.21)

Ok, trying to calm things down again for a 2.6.11 release. Tons of small cleanups, annotations and fixes here. Driver updates, cpufreq, ppc, parisc, arm.. Pls check that I got it all. Linus

2.6.11-rc1 (2005.01.11)

Ok, the big merges after 2.6.10 are hopefully over, and 2.6.11-rc1 is out there. Lots of small cleanups, although that inevitable qlogic firmware update makes pretty much _everything_ look small in comparison. SCSI, USB, IDE, x86-64, FRV, PPC64, ARM, input layer, ALSA, network drivers, pcmcia, knfsd, ACPI, sparse cleanups... You name it. Lots of (mostly) small updates all over the landscape. What gets hidden in the noise of all the updates is things like the conversion to 4-level page tables by Andi Kleen and Nick Piggin. That makes us able to use the full virtual memory space on 64-bit architectures. The patches may not be very large, and in fact it was interesting to see just how smoothly it seems to integrate. Linus


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