Moda na quizy, dziś o bestiach (?). Jarku nie śmiej się ;-):

Angels are Fallen....
Your an Angel. Well, you may have predicted this or
not, but these angels are not the ones you see
on TV. They do not serve god or any higher
power. Angels are floating spirits, fallen
spirits, who are the immortal. They which to be
like humans. To have all senseses and the joy
of life, which makes them a jelous type. Angels
repserent sorrow, sadness, greif, death, rain,
purity, air, and vengence. Angels cannot harm
anything, yet the presence of one is always
felt. Angels can be male or female, and have
long black or white feathered wings and no
clothes. Good luck.

What Mythical Beast are you?
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zgoda (jarek) 2004-08-19 12:34:27

Znaczy, ekg2 to dzieło anielskie, JPA -- demoniczne, tak?


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