Bez tytułu 16

A moment later they leap like startled lizards down the nearest corridor junction as the owners of the drumming feet suddenly hove into view directly in front of them.
Hidden behind the corner they goggled in amazement as about two dozen overweight men and women pounded past them in track suits panting and wheezing in a manner that would make a heart surgeon gibber.
Ford Prefect stared after them.
"Joggers!" he hissed, as the sound of their feet echoed away up and down the network of corridors.
"Joggers?" whispered Arthur Dent.
"Joggers." said Ford Prefect with a shrug.

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steelheart 2003-07-29 17:12:28

potem jest fajny kapitan z gumowa kaczuszką :-D HHGTTG rzadzi :)


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